Juhu! Etch archive sind endlich online. Diesesmal als http und ftp zugänglich.

#Own Apps and scripts
# These Apps and scripts are created and packaged
# by me.
#deb http://markus-raab.org/ftp/eigene ./
deb ftp://markus-raab.org/eigene ./

#Other apps
# These Apps are backported by me or copied from extern
# resources. There are also patched sarge applications
# in it.
#deb http://markus-raab.org/ftp/apps ./
deb ftp://markus-raab.org/apps ./

Danke an Mikap (Grml) für den essentiellen Tipp wie es richtig gemacht wird! Dabei ist es eh so einfach :-)

dpkg-scanpackages . override.txt | gzip > Packages.gz
zcat Packages.gz > Packages
cat > Release << EOF
Origin: markus-raab.org
Label: eigene
Suite: markus-raab
Codename: etch
Architectures: i386
Description: These Apps and scripts are created and packaged by Markus Raab.

apt-ftparchive release . >> Release

#sign the release
rm -f Release.gpg
gpg --output Release.gpg -u 00B86A15 -ba Release

#upload it
rsync -r "$DIR" markus-raab.org:/home/ftp/eigene
Fr Jul 30 13:54:24 CEST 2021
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