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How microsoft tries to creep in standards. Many bad things happend, like tricking vote, suddenly changed people, bringing dozens of failures, unclear passages and low quality to standards, very unprofessional work, dirty tactics, suddenly new businesspartner appear, changed p-member ships in ISO and many other Irregularities,

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The Arctic Cold War

The silent battle for claiming and controlling the Arctic

For this talks there are slides available. The lecturer and reporter claims to be journalist and not scholar in any way. His idea is to look at what topics are underreported and talk about that.

When you think of Artic you may think of ice and nature but not of guns. Real discussion about the land started 10 years ago. Whatever happens there affects us by sure. There are contracts saying that some space on the sea belongs to the country having the coast. Artic was treated like a sea, because it had no economical matter. The law of the sea never ratified by U.S.

Russia, Denmark, Canada, Denmark and Norway now have claims. There are various reasons for it. There are potentially 29% of Global Natural Gas, 10% of Global Oil. Routes there are coming more attractive, because of the melting of ice. Compared to Suez or Panama Canal offers a 40% reduction of time. Ships are now able to pass in warm summer month. 2015 most of polarized are gone and a passage will allow ships the whole yearh to pass. You could even build bigger ships taking that route there.

Russia might have 23 of global hydrocarbon reserves when they get the claim and have a lot of marines doing nothing and send people plant a flag. Canada builds 3 bases, and arms up. In the meanwhile Danish get "mad", copenhagen launches an expedition. 40 scientists aboard a swedish ice breaker. Hans Island, every few years they put a flag down (denish and canada). Something curious around that is the hans island liberation front. But always hold in mind that states today often only act in place of big companies. Here is the list.

There is a lot of environmental impact, directly affecting us.

Lightning Talks

There were many interesting lightning talks, I highlight here the ones I found most impressive and will talk a bit about my talk here ;) Vidala is a client to easily connect and visualize the tor network. There was a status report about the OLPC, which is now in a more and more interesting state. You can get a laptop if you want to participate. Funkfeuer currently try to clean up code for olsr. A nice possibility for sharing Web Shortcuts is Searchilo, which might become to a standard for web shortcuts. Another wiki is Omega Wiki a solution for translating words.

My own talk was about Elektra, here are the English and German Slides.

Security Nightmares

Datenhygiene wird immer schwieriger, so kann z.b. Flash nicht wirklich gelöscht werden, aber auch bei Mietwagen werden z.b. Telefonbücher abgeholt oder GPS Bugs. Also Datenträger einfach nicht verkaufen und immer gut aufpassen dass eigene Daten nicht wo landen was einem nicht selbst gehört.

35% used mac, there were up to 625 concurrent clients. 10 Gig does not like Multimode fibre, because its very thick and produces bounces, but they solved the problem.

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