lirc with
Multimedia controller: Philips Semiconductors SAA7134 (rev 01)
Terratec Cinergy 400 TV Stereo
The card is absolutely recommended!

saa7134[0]: registered input device for IR
 No problem, you can do that too:

Get a recent lircd version with linux input layer support. The 0.6.6 release is too old, a cvs snapshot or a 0.7 pre-release should do. You only need to build the lircd daemon + tools, no lirc kernel drivers needed. Take care that the dev/input driver is included when building lircd (either ./configure --with-driver=any to simply include all drivers or --with-driver=devinput).
Load the evdev module (which is part of the linux input layer). Check /proc/bus/input/devices to see which eventn device the IR input device has.
Fetch the lircd.conf file for the linux input layer.
Start the daemon this way:
 /usr/sbin/lircd -H dev/input -d /dev/input/eventn.

That's it.

Works perfectly;)

Now we just have to set up the keycodes.

my ~/.Xmodmap (Take care that the file is actually read!)
keycode 222 = TPower
keycode 159 = TApp
keycode 176 = TVolUp
keycode 174 = TVolDown
keycode 160 = TMute
!keycode  77 = TSelection
keycode 178 = TText
keycode 152 = TFastBackward
keycode 233 = TFastForward
keycode 177 = TRecord
keycode 179 = TPlay
keycode 144 = TJumpBackward
keycode 153 = TJumpForward
keycode 110 = TPause
keycode 232 = TStop

Some Keys (e.g. the right top one) do not send keycodes.
You can test that with xev.
There are all Keycodes listed in the Xmodmap.
The names can be free chosen.

Do not use the Keycode 77
It is for Num Selecting. There is a unspecified behaviour
if you use it again. In my case it was not possible
to use the key.

Do not use _ANY_  Keysyms for the TPower... There is a
unspecified behavier if you do that. In my case it was
not possible to use any of the Keys together with

Now you have to edit the KeysymDM:


!Added by Markus for lirc configuration
TPower                  :10090000
TApp                    :10090001
TVolUp                  :10090002
TVolDown                :10090003
TMute                   :10090004
TSelection              :10090005
TText                   :10090006
TFastBackward           :10090007
TFastForward            :10090008
TRecord                 :10090009
TPlay                   :1009000A
TJumpBackward           :1009000B
TJumpForward            :1009000C
TPause                  :1009000D
TStop                   :1009000E

Fr Jul 30 13:54:24 CEST 2021
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